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Look Beyond the Skin 

Looking beyond the skin is VERY critical, no matter what racial or even gender classification you identify with. The journey that person has been through in life will sometimes never be noticeable through the skin. Meaning you really can't tell what someone has been through in life or are currently going through just by looking at them. People are quick to judge others based on appearance and often on a titles. Not knowing the sacrafice the person(s) went through to get where they are. People use quotes such as beauty is skin deep, and pain is beauty (fashion quote) not knowing the person (s) are trading their mindset and free will for acceptance and appreciation from a group of people who have no interest of the person (s) who are sacrificing everything just to receive that acceptance. But just end up using them (talents etc) for the soul purpose of advancement of achieving personal gain fame, riches etc. Look in the mirror, Look beyond a person's skin and you will see the true person from health issues, personal issues as well as intentions they have for you positively or negatively. Will you look beyond the skin? Comment below!

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