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The Rotation

Updated: May 9, 2020

Every day going through the same rotation, Waiting for the next movement waiting for the next time to go through the same rotation again and again . Why do you continue to do this when we continue to pursue the dream? What is the dream? Why is the dream? And how was the dream implemented in your rotation? who’s rotation are we really trying to follow after? What does is it really mean?

They are 365 days in a year seven days in a week 12 hours a day how do we consistently use these tools that we possess how do we consistently value the rotation in every moment every breath? What makes us continue the same rotation? Why do we have to continue the same rotation?

What is your rotation? Why do you continue to do the rotation that you do is from habit is it morality? Were you raised a certain way to continue that rotation how many types of rotations do you have? Comment below on your rotation and why do you follow your rotation.

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