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The understanding of this word comes in many categories, from mind, body and soul!

As we journey through life, we are molded like a fresh piece of clay. Starting from our parents or guardian whom raised us. Some people may have taking on this responsibility by themselves. Based on the situation, but in going through the growth process YOU have come (at a certain age) to realize who or what you will become. What yes of people you will or will not associate yourself with.

How are we doing this? Some would say through the music, movies, internet oe even the books we choose to read. How do we tell the difference from reality and fantasy? Outside of the laws that we know about, what makes accepting what we are willing to believe? Why is one thing (learning wise) acceptable and others are look down upon?

The "growth", factor in each and everyone of us, if we choose to use it can lead towards unlimited discoveries about ourselves as well as each other. The fact of the matter is are you always willing to grow? And if not then why? Growth is forever learning, studding not just about how you were brought up from birth or choices that you make positively or even negatively. But through making a decision to step outside of your normal routine and accept that you may or may and will out grow your surroundings, job, beliefs that were taught to help you get this far.

And really focus on what your FULL potential is mind, body, and soul to fulfill your greatest achievement yet. Leaning who you really are and really loving yourself and accepting that you are YOU mind, body and soul and no one can influence you to be anything or anyone different.

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