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Eye Opener 

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The typical normal response to these two words are usually, "Ok" and "So?!". But to really reach deeper into these two words you will need to sit back in your chair or lean back into a comfortable position. The feel of these words mean much more then just, "Ok" and "Soo?!" (Watch how the o's on the back of the So gets longer as I write along). Eye Opener can have different levels of viewing images. Depending on your sight, people select different types of visions when they deal with subjects on life from great to not so pleasant. One can even say the "Ok" and "Sooo?!" , can be the ultimate response to the "Eye Openers", response when facing the subject(i.e. Travels, New City Location, Position Advancement). What are some of your Eye Opening experiences? What type of vision did you have while making your subject decisions? Was it just an, "OK" or "Soooo?!" response? Comment below:

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