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Emotionless Mindset 

The mindset of being emotionless comes from ones perspective being shattered over and over again through promises of greatness through so called (Friends, Family, Close long term associates). The ideal focus on this topic can have many sources of forming from birth situation to adulthood. Many people cover up their everyday lifestyle, to fit into the "NORMALITY" of this life we live. Being involved in many NORMAL situations (things). But truth be told each one of us can and will activate this mindset in some form or way, rather it be through face value (you can see it how a person(s) lives in their everyday life) or wear it on their sleeve as one would say. Or if one chooses to properly plan and wait for the right moment. Emotionless Mindset! Dosen't mean that the person doesn't feel or sense emotion in the time of the different types of emotions, but it means they aren't to quick to go on the emotional side and see through the REAL issues at hand. What are your comments on this subject? Leave them below!

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