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You have been driving in different lanes all your life doing trial and error choices, making left and right turns on your highway to success. As time passes your driving has reminded you that their are some exits you don't want to turn off of because not only will it lead you off towards a different destination. The chances of you finding a detour is very rare, and you may find that your GPS (internally) has malfunctioned. And you may unconsciously find yourself at a pit stop, or rest area. Though you're choosing to get a oil change and tune up may temporary have you moving at a pace that feels like your still stagnant. The many miles you have put on your internal speedometer began to count daily. The life of your battery may need a jump start (recharge or replacement). Eliminating and removing elements that may cause future damage to your interior and exterior. It never really matter what type of automobile ( your start) you use as your drive, as long as you drive to your ultimate destination and arrive at your destination with the same fire and determination everyday. Comment below your motivation for your drive.

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