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Change for the positive!?

Due to the forever changing great world that we live in, we as a people are getting more and more understanding of the power of "Change". From the major topic of Transgender rights, people have different views on this topic, but the truth of the matter is being from a background of "religious" views, I personally have an understanding that people are going to be people and have different backgrounds. And different views from relationships to even members of the Transgender community, but need to remember one word. And that one word is "different", no two people are the same.

People tend to take a stand on this type of change positively and negatively based on the morals, race, religious background. But they always forget one thing "Choice". The choice to chose who you want to be with in life, what you want to be in life (career) and the freedom to be respected on the choices. Change don't look at it as something to fear but embrace it and look at this change in anything, anyone as one that your current present is setting the tone for the future.

Xavier "Dj Nothin Nice" Calypso.

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