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Unspoken Actions

The ability to be able to make choices in your everyday life can be the most exciting or (stressful to some) depending on what a person is faced with, In their everyday moments. How a person is influenced towards making these choices can and sometimes will be made through our peers, family members, or even pressures to prove our foes wrong daily.

The forever reminder of the old saying " Actions speak loading than words", can be played upon. Depending on a person's perspective as well as the amount of influence towards a specific decision a person is making. The point of having Unspoken Actions in a way towards growth and elevation is always based on individuality. Yes, we can all have common interests, maybe even the same goals and dreams. But the individual ultimately has to decide through his or her Unspoken actions what's best for them.

Some people may ask, " How do I measure the number of Unspoken Actions that I should pursue?" The answer is within each individual. Will you make mistakes or learn lessons in your journey? We all do! Making Unspoken Actions is a humble ability and shows growth as well as a skill set that many don't possess in this world of "visual hunger satisfaction".

What are some of your Unspoken Actions? Comment below:

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