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Refueling The Unconsciousness

Time has afforded the mind state to adhere and consume unique habits some toxic to "some" and nontoxic to "some" Unconsciously. The netural understanding is the relatability that draws each people to the other. From occupation lifestyle and desires, these influences many may think are through the blatant consciousness, but in fact some of these choices are through our Unconsciousness.

Refueling the Unconsciousness is simplified by understanding the intake of hearing and seeing. What your influenced by or by what others will constantly inform you that you are influenced by. If it is a movie, a song or the amounts of repetition of certain topics these can and will influence your Unconsciousness.

The goals is to consistently balance your thought process with various amounts of thinking about one situation 10 to 100 different ways. I will let you grow from there everyone is different on this approach and it's a good idea to let your mind take in that basis and work it from there. How will you refuel your Unconsciousness? Write below:

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