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Pre-Celebrate Your Major Moments

We all enjoy celebrations, from receiving gifts from people who care the most, to gifting ourselves because we have the ability to do so. But what about the pre celebration moments? The journey that it takes to get to those moments, outside of knowing that someone or yourself is going to receive something. In face if you really think about it, pre celebrations can lead you to just realizing you wake up in from a nap or even seeing the next day. What are your pre-celebrated moments?

How do you look at your moments when you open your eyes? Do you take the time out, even though your day may not have been the best, to just celebrate the air you breathe?

Outside of situational circumstances what has your complaining done for you to help you out of a situation? Pre-Celebrate getting out of a situation that may cause you harm, Pre-Celebrate on knowing your going to accomplish that next big plan you been waiting for. Pre-Celebrate you being you, because NOBODY can be YOU!

How do you pre-celebrate? How are you going to pre-celebrate? Are you going to Pre-celebrate with others? Comment Below:

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