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Living Timeless

Looking at this title many thoughts may come into your head, but the main one possibly be: "What do you mean Living Timeless? That just doesn't make any sense, I mean there is no logical way to live timeless.

Living Timeless is based on a theory that when focused on nothing in the area of not thinking about time, should be a point in life always. The more you focus on time in areas of Job, appointment or routine exercises the less you should focus on living timeless when your moments have no scheduled boundaries. Each individual is different based on habits and above all choices in each persons journey.

What does it take to live in this space mentally physically and spiritually

(If you believe in that sort of thing) ? It's your ability to want to live in that space.

How do you feel when your Living Timeless? Do you think you will be able to? Why or why not? Comment Below:

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