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Interior Refinement

Updated: May 9, 2020

Interior refinement

Exterior base on the eyes are used by many, over looking many interior unpatched loop holes. Many see just in front of their face, not taking the opportunity to dig deeper into what the exterior is showing. Some may call it signs, so may call it warnings, but in understanding of this this topic will will call it unpatched loops. Reason being until these loops are patched up to allow the loop to become a straight road the action of any situation or determination will lead to the same outcome.

How can one change this loop, basically understanding the healing, professional out reach help. So many may understand not only why they continue through this loop but be able to recognize the impact they have on others blindly going through the loops like it’s an everyday normality. Interior refinement is truly understanding seeing and noticing oneself and be willing to patch the loops, will this make us the PERFECT person, no because some loops are longer than others and you won’t fully be able to concur every loop but you will be able to use the understanding and can deal with the face forward.

What are some of your loops? Comment below:

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