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High material Advanced PU leather ensures long service life, durability, and maximum performance of boxing gloves, martial arts gloves wear resistance. The material is durable and easy to clean. The fighting gloves have stable high performance. · More safety and practicality Secure Velcro wrist fasteners and soft leather wristbands that are easy to put on and take off. These boxing gloves have all the features you need. The precise fit of our gloves prevents sprains and injuries during practice, sparring, and competition. These gloves provide necessary protection for your hands and wrists. · Lightweight and sturdy The 10oz gloves are essential for fast, accurate punching, long workouts, and concentration. Quick-touch fasteners make it easy to put on or remove the glove, while the double stitches in the hitting glove make it durable and elastic, suitable for prolonged training. · High-quality printing Thermal transfer print is a fast and precise technique to bring your design to the product. Its unique printing allows you to bring your design to real life.


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Team Nothin Nice Unisex Blk N White Boxing Gloves Professional Training Boxing G

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