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Weightless Pursuit to Greatness

Through our everyday lives, depending on the background from being birthed until the end of our moments. We as a people have been taught to be GREAT at the profession that we choose to pursue. But there seems to be a common factor within this equation, which is from those around us. Friends, Family, or even Foes have come to expect or not expect Greatness from you.

The bases of the weight can come from and not limited to not having enough food in the house hold, financial instability or lack of teaching, abuse either mentally or physically, the over expectation to not "embarrass" Friends, Family and Foes expect (to down play your Greatness). Also the choices to pursue Greatness in other areas then what is expected by family to receive full support. Many times if you are pursing towards this path, the support is not available until you succumb to the will and the "support" comes.

One of the keys the navigate through this temporary pitfalls, is understanding that weight isn't yours to carry. How do you push though to be to have your Weightless pursuit to Greatness? Do you know you are GREAT? Comment below:

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