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Trial Run

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Life has many paths to choose, through living life and choosing the people we deal with on either a short term or long term.

The quote, “Blood is thicker, than water”, can sometimes have and underlining statement reason being because in life that water

Can freeze and become solid and be as “thick” or even thicker depending on the longevity of the togetherness of each parties mindset and intentions. Will Ice melt yes, but usually when it does its because the ice turn to water then to gas (meaning not being here on the current planet we live on. (The Afterlife.)

Trial Runs will lead you down paths of good fortune or unfortunate situations that 9/10 we put ourself through situations that

we should have avoided. But being the humans that we are we are adventurous, we want o prove people that been through certain situations wrong, and in the end the adventure becomes a Trial Run.

What Trial Runs are you going though at this moment? Do you like it? How are you feeling with the trial runs? Comment Below:

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