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Psychological MisInformed

…… Having time… Making time… Demanding time…To fully understand your mental capacity and being able to realize when going through psychological events. ....

People really take the time to sit back and think before they react it’s usually half the price to pay depending on the situation. It is said many many many times over that you must control your emotions. People outside the situation are not upset not angry not frustrated not dealing with anything that will disrupt the normality of life.

Because of a level head, usually have figured out how to ALWAYS control the mental thoughts in every situation (I doubt it), or are just saying positive lingo to feel like they are helping the situation (50/50.

Different directions, different reactions in the field of communication. Being misinformed on not on the part of the receiving end, but based on the un level understanding, the message gets received wrong as well as the reaction.

How do you handle your psychological wars? Do you allow them to take over to lead your choices into further damaging your situation? Or have you devised ways to win on your psychological battles?

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