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Overcompensating Reality has a course of its our lives each and every moment and decision we chose to make is already determined before we open our eyes...(even those of us who take power naps), the path is already written. The key to this is understand the vibe of the paths you choose, and owning them if they are good or so called "bad" ( unless its life threatening or causing harm talk to someone professional always).

The outlook from others loved ones, peers and even influential people that have been in our lives in place of guardians or/and people we patten certain aspects of our lives after. The fact still remains that your own reality is yours and yours alone. When your "inner self", drives you toward a certain choice for the sake of your mind, body, soul the best bet will be to go in that direction without hesitation. The outcome of this choice is called the break through choice allowing your path of clarity to be fulfilled. In order for the void of repetitiveness of a situation(s) of your OWN control not to keep reaccruing you will need to make the right choice that was meant for your path.

We as a being try consistently to have control over own paths, but understanding we really don't have any control over any situation that comes in our lives but one key factor is paying attention to your known path of the unknown on a daily basis and walk, run, and own it.

How in your life do you Overcompensate Reality?

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