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"No" Power

The power of no can be a word that has conquered many peoples dreams and aspirations. If you sit back and think about the times you are told “no” on a daily basis it probably would make you look at your focus and say wow. Reason being the texture of the “no” power comes in different forms.

As well as reasons, from you being a child trying to touch something this is hot, and your provider or overseer at the time tells you “no” to protect you from harm. To being an adult and your boss tells you “no” for a position they feel your experience is not quite ready for the challenge yet. Also protecting their reputation of self and not setting your career up for failure.

But then you have the “no” power that doesn’t want you to GROW or achieve. Not because if you do learn it would benefit self, but they tell you no because they don’t want to see you advance further than they are. This “no” power is destructive as well as motivation. It will show you that people will want you to stay stagnant in a mindset that won’t allow you to grow and mature and develop in ways that would blossom GREAT fruit for you and others.

This type of motivational “No” power is that of motivation every moment of your life, it will change your mindset, habits and your discipline will change to want whatever your passionate for even more.

How do you use your “No” Power!? Comment below:

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