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Netural Zone

Thought process, is neither high nor low, but that in between. Having the complete understanding to look at lifes most devastating problem and positively focus on just that.

How is that possible, to be able to separate how you THINK you should feel and actually understand that when your in the situation you will need to reach deep within you to be that man/woman, woman or man (Or whatever you identify yourself as "ALWAYS BE YOURSELF") to see the positive.

Yes, that was alot in one breath, but to see from the scope of observation, the meaning is you saying to yourself Mind, Body, Soul. That no looking left or right having mindest, because the front view vision is what you focus on. Actually seeing through the situation know if it is going to be a long term battle, you know how to be strong to go through it, knowing the outcome will always lead to triumph.

What's your Netural Zone focus?? Tell us an example, comment below:

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