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Longevity Reward

The constant waiting for something great to happen, is one of the most challenging things in life. Not because you know that is going to happen, i'ts the point of "WHEN".

We all have faced this one time in our lives if not current dealing with this great thing to happen. people get caught up in the "right now" they forget about the prize (reward) that happens when you wait for "it" to happen.

How can I have patience when it seems like my friends, family, foes or even those around me are elevating to higher levels and it seems like I'm stuck in the same place?

You may ask yourself this question or even: I'm not getting any younger why isn't it my turn yet? Being able to understand your Longevity Reward and your moment of repping your timing is a skill not many want pursue. But if you're willing to push through the days of trial and tribulation your Longevity Reward will be worth it.

What some things your Longevity is having you wait for your Reward? How long are you willing to wait? Comment below

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