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Living to Live, Not Living to Die

The inevitable of arriving on this planet is a blessing in itself, but in order to really live what are you doing with your moments in life? Some people have the assumption that we are just beings on this earth. We live, we die end of story. What is your definition of living? Some people think it's in the finance department, others in think it's in their spirituality.

What makes a person want to live life to the fullest? What makes a person what to total give up on life? These questions are only for the individual person to answer. In our moments here on this planet the conscious decision to live to live and not live to die is an understatement. Being able to find your "Living" is your key towards being at peace with yourself mind, body, and soul. What makes you happy, truly from talking a walk everyday, to exploring places you never seen, and even stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Living to live, not living to Die is a statement that you should ask yourself daily to make sure you enjoy your best life. What are your thoughts? Are you living to live? Comment below:

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