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.....the thought process of always thinking about " the good ole days", or "people keep hating on me" always seems to be the main outlook of many people in this world we live in. Many reasons people would want to either hold on to a memory ( good or bad), a relationship (good or bad) and try to re-live that moment in time where it seem like the environment or space they were in was just "so perfect". Not thinking realistically that times change people change as well as the person that is thinking these "perfect" and "happy" thoughts change as well.

The moments in time are for that moment, to be able to move forward is to always be in tune with self. The connection of that thought will always remain. One of the keys are to understand, observe, and be open for changes within self as well as others. And with these changes the ability to dissect the mind body mannerisms as well as your inner self lining up with people, places and or things, will have you not forgetting your GREAT memories or bad ones but experiencing new or rekindled ones that will satisfy your needs to be fulfilled in all aspects of your life.

How are you forwarding your progress in life! Are your scales even or are they unbalanced? Comment below:

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