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Cleansing Mentality

A cleansing Mentality is a mentality that allows a person to meditate on thinking about their upbringing. And how it has affected the way they process things in life. Such as personal likes and dislikes from relationships to foods. Many people rarely step outside their comfort zone and may use excuses like this or that race, creed, or belief isn't "supposed to" act or conduct themselves a certain way.

Reasons could be that the person or group in their upbringing wasn't exposed to anything outside of what they were taught or shown so that individual keeps the "tradition" of that and passes it on to their families or siblings. Many people are afraid that they may like the new "cleansing" and may be unable to be a part of the group that accepted them because you have made a Cleansing Mentality change. Which direction will you choose? How have you changed due to your Cleansing Mentality? Do you want to change? Or remain the same due to your upbringing or fear? Comment Below:

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