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Be Yourself

Updated: May 9, 2020

The imagery of being able to have the ability of a hero, or someone we look up too is mimicked 24/7. Some would say with the pressures of certain values and morals that unless you have a certain amount of financial stability or relationship then you are not a success or even successful. The breakdown of just being yourself is easy, waking up realizing you are unique. You are special, in your own right doesn't matter the talent(s) if they are big or small.

The key is too consistently be you, do you and not mimic anything and anyone. Yes its possible to have similarities of people you look up too. But understand that the people you admire, have hidden issues that are hidden or/and they won't show because of fear of what peers or family may think or even judge. So when your being yourself it's an everyday, all day focus but its easy live your life according to who/what you want to be daily in positive movements.

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