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Team Nothin Nice Stylish Bluetooth Audio Calling Smart Glasses - Remote Photo Taking and Wake up Voice Assistant (Men/Women)
· [Material]: Nylon + PC
· [Color]: Black

· [Type]: Smart glasses
· [Battery Capacity]: 75 mah +75 mah
· [Waterproof]: IP65
· [Occasion]: The perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and contemporary style. They are designed for a modern, connected lifestyle. The smart glasses keep you informed, entertained, and efficient without compromising comfort or design.

About this Item
· Stylish Design
The smart glasses feature a contemporary design with a lightweight, durable frame that ensures comfort for all-day wear. Available in various colors to match your personal style.
· Hands-Free Control
Use voice commands to control your smart glasses, access information, and interact with your favorite apps. The integrated microphone and speakers provide clear audio for seamless communication.
· Fitness and Health Tracking
Monitor your activity levels with built-in fitness tracking features. Track steps, calories burned, and exercise intensity to stay on top of your fitness goals.
· Smart Notifications
Stay connected with real-time notifications for calls, messages, emails, and social media alerts directly in your field of vision. The smart glasses ensure you never miss an important update.
· Extended Battery Life
With a long-lasting battery, the Smart Glasses are designed to keep up with your daily activities, ensuring you stay connected and informed throughout the day.

Team Nothin Nice Stylish Smart Glasses

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