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Too Comfortable

Where are you mentally, physically, and soul-wise? Are you comfortable? Why? What makes you feel you are in a position where everything is ok? When you sit in a chair why do you feel comfortable that the chair will have you at a rest mindset that you won't fall?

Too Comfortable a mindset will have you settling for less than what you expect from yourself. People confuse being comfortable with people who are around them. Job "security", family "security" and also financial "security". All these things and many other things in life will make you feel Too Comfortable. Why not step outside of your normal routine? Why not switch things up in life? Experience people, places, and things will allow your mind body, and soul to have a bigger outlook on life.

Too Comfortable, Look at your position within yourself and ask yourself. Am I'm Too Comfortable! What things can you change for yourself? Comment Below:

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