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Specially Valued

Validation is one of the key things people in this world want to be a priority in their existence. But how a person seeks validation is one of the outlooks and different types of value levels. Some may seek validation through image: Lifestyle, Travel, etc., due to the life that a person(s) experienced in their upbringing.

On the other hand a person(s) my seek validation through the likability factor: Waiting to always get the approval of others to be accepted. How ever a person(s) looks for validation, the common factor is that we all in some way want o be validated. Being specially valued, is being able to see and understand through whatever may physically exist on this earth. Specially valued is being able to see through faults, pysicallity and even financial (to an extinct).

How are you Specially Valued? Do you Spially Value yourself? Comment below:

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