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Listening to Your Movements

Being able to listen to your movements, the first thought comes to mind, “How can a person listen to his/her own movement? The thought process is being able to see with more than just you physically eyes and hearing with your ears that you were born with.

People who listen to their movements are

that people that don’t listen to their movements usually react the normal way too.

Example: You’re driving and someone cuts you off, and you swerve a little but your safe do you?

A) Cuss his/her (you know what) out?

B) Thank you higher power for being alive and keep it moving because it could of been worst?

C) Do both (I Want All The Smoke)!

No being a realist that I am 9/10 you might do all 3, I mean lets be honest! But the point is to being able to listening with you ears and seeing with more than your regular eyes. You Like what is he talking about! In the world we live in should be more or looking at life for face value. Enjoy your life and never forget the power thats in you to be able to Listen to your movements.

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