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Facing Reality

The amount of time it takes to keep deterring from the realities of life weighs on a person. Making sure you stay in the present, and not get caught up in any emotional attachment to the situation that you need to make decisions, in your life. It will make your life less stressed and more happy for you.

Yes, Un-Masking is difficult to deal with in each individual, but the life span is more of a journey than a race, if it were the life expectancy would be non-excitant. Facing Reality is the inner you that looks in the mirror daily. Not only looking in the mirror at yourself but as who you will become. If you haven't, take the time out and look in a mirror and ask yourself; "Am I Facing Reality? Have I reach the full potential in myself? How am I allowing others to create a Virtual Reality for me?

What is stopping me from facing that reality? When do I think I need to remove those non reality things out of my life? Or how can I show those around me in a business setting the point of me Facing Reality and the impact it can have in others? Comment Below about what is your future plans towards Facing Reality:

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