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Staples shutting down in Orlando Florida

Dj Nothin Nice

May 31, 2022

WNNR-DB Orlando Florida

In a time where inflation continues to affect the consumer's pockets, more than ever. Seeing companies not being able to keep up with high prices from distributors. Due to limited availability from workers and various current issues that limit product availability. The Staples in the area of Orlando Florida (Casselberry, Florida) will be closing its doors.

As of now the local community of Casselberry, Fl there are a few locations in the area that will remain open. When visiting a local Staples in Casselberry, the shelves such as paper and other office supplies were slim to none on various amounts of office supplies. But now looks more like a renovated place and blocked off so that customers don't go past certain areas.

Customer service at the local Staples that was visited, is still top tier despite the ultimate demise of each employee's job in that location. The attitude of the customers was also pleasant, even though it would seem to be the opposite due to the clearance prices in the store. The visual of the customers was that if the customers were lined up because they had won the lottery. But instead, they were ready to buy the clearance items.

Staples in Local areas of Orlando Florida will be shutting down. To find out more information about your local store in the Orlando Florida area or any information about Staples go to Customer Service


Corporate Information
500 Staples Drive
Framingham, MA 01702

*We at WNNR-DB Orlando Florida only provide information that is public information, we are in no way a representative of Staples*

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