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Protect and Serve: Safety or Speed "Trap" in our local communities

Dj Nothin Nice

Oct 12, 2021

The safety of all mankind is the focal point in our everyday lives.

Safety: early 14c., from Old French sauvete "safety, safeguard; salvation; security, surety," earlier salvetet(11c., Modern French sauveté), from Medieval Latin salvitatem (nominative salvitas) "safety," from Latin salvus "uninjured, in good health, safe" (from PIE root *sol- "whole, well-kept"). Meaning "trigger-lock on a gun" is attested from 1881. (

Daily changes in our lives as we figure out the currently living and working conditions and newly everyday updates. The last thing that people want to think about is are they safe, not just safe but around authority figures that "Serve and Protect" (In which I feel our is the best personally). But in that statement the apparent, "Safety or Speed Trap" some people would called them. The actual question(s) at hand are, " What areas are our serve and protect figures serving and protecting?", "What factual or "common sense areas" are assigned to the serve and protect figures?".

Is it true that our serve and protect figures have a quota to fill, and thats one reason the serve and protect figures are around certain business? Such as venues with entertainment, all forms. We recently did some research, we had found that some of the serve and protect are in vehicles in places that aren't noticeable to the average driver. Sometimes even hidden with lights off (90% of the time) in the dusk hours, in certain areas of Orlando Florida. We all respect the job of protecting the people, 100% without law and order there would be nothing but chaos. As a people we see it every moment, some people even let others know regardless of the background, occupation.

Are we at a place still, that we as a people law abidng citizens and even community, can't enjoy the moments we have with our loved ones, friends, associates without the "Speed Trap" mentality?
The fair trade of the responsibility of each law-abiding citizens we have the responsibility as a community to make each other safe in communities. No miracle is going to fall from the sky and make everything GREAT, each individual with in our community. Serve and Protect and Safety your communities.

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